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      Advancing Nondestructive Testing (NDT):

      The Role and Impact of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) in the NDT Industry.




      內容摘要:美國無損檢測學會(ASNT)是一個致力于發展和推廣無損檢測(NDT)的知名專業組織。NDT專業人員可以檢測材料、組件和結構中的不規則性、傷和缺陷,這些可能會危及物體或結構的安全性、可靠性和功能。ASNT是NDT專業人員、研究人員、從業者的活動中心,更多的從事于發電、石油和天然氣、基礎設施、海運、鐵路和航空航天等行業的NDT。ASNT促進協作,傳播知識,制定行業標準,并提供教育資源和認證,以豐富NDT行業。通過倡導、勞動力發展、會員參與、會議、出版物、培訓項目和網絡機會,ASNT在塑造NDT領域、確保世界各地的安全和質量方面發揮了關鍵作用。ASNT是全球超過22 000名會員和證書持有者,是最大的NDT專業人士技術學會。ASNT總部位于俄亥俄州的哥倫布市,在德克薩斯州的休斯頓和印度的欽奈設有辦事處。

      Abstract: The American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) is an established professional organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of nondestructive testing (NDT). NDT professionals detect irregularities, flaws, and defects in materials, components, and structures that could compromise the safety, reliability, or functionality of an object or structure. ASNT serves as a focal point for NDT professionals, researchers, practitioners, and more engaged in NDT across industries such as power generation, oil and gas, infrastructure, maritime, rail and aerospace. ASNT fosters collaboration, disseminates knowledge, sets industry standards, and provides education resources and certifications to enrich the NDT Industry. Through advocacy, workforce development, membership engagement, conferences, publications, training programs, and networking opportunities, ASNT plays a pivotal role in shaping the NDT field, ensuring safety and quality around the world. Serving more than 22 000 members and certificate holders worldwide, ASNT is the largest technical society for NDT professionals. ASNT is based in Columbus, Ohio, with offices in Houston, Texas, and Chennai, India.


      Presenter: John Chen, President, ASNT







      陳建忠 博士


      Bio: Dr. John Chen is a Tech Fellow at KBR in Houston, Texas, USA. A Fellow of ASNT, he holds ASNT NDT Level III in 6 methods and is a licensed Professional Engineer in 6 US states. He is the Technical Editor of Materials Evaluation. He is also a lifetime senior member of the Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society. He has served on the board of ASNT for multiple years, and currently serves the President.

      簡介:陳博士是美國德克薩斯州休斯頓KBR的技術研究員。作為ASNT的研究員,他擁有6種方法的ASNT NDT Ⅲ級證書,并且是美國6個州的注冊專業工程師。陳博士是《材料評估》雜志的技術編輯,也是中國機械工程學會的終身高級成員。陳博士曾在ASNT的董事會任職多年,目前任職主席。






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